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Plastic Card ID is your single source answer whether you need a plastic card printer or a complete ID badge system. Your new Plastic Card ID System will design, capture, and print, vivid full color photo ID badges.

Plastic Card printers are easy to learn, exceptionally user friendly, and compatible with your computer.

Why would you print your ID cards rather than have Plastic Card ID print them for you?

Why consider taking a look at plastic card printers?

  •     Lower cost per card for smaller print jobs
  •     Complete control of the printing process
  •     No waiting 4-6 weeks for delivery
  •     If you have multiple card designs
  •     If you are over paying for smaller print jobs, periodically
  •     To make employee ID badges, membership cards, and loyalty cards
Plastic Thermal Card Printers

Eltron, Fargo Plastic Card Printers and Other ID Badge Systems

Plastic Card ID will make it simple to print your ID badges with an plastic card printer like the Fargo DTC 1000, (single sided printer), Zebra ZXP Series 1 Printer, (dual sided printer), or a Fargo Printer. Our ID badge systems include, ID cameras, ID card printers and ID card design software.

To obtain a free quote on ID card design software, a plastic card printer or an ID badge system, go to our Card Printer Quote Form. We will send you a customized quote to meet your plastic card printer needs.

Our experienced technicians will provide complete training to help you print with your plastic card printer and to operate your ID badge system, quickly and easily. We have been able to get all of our customers using card printer systems, up and running, with our phone support.

Plastic Card ID gives you:

  • Some of the World’s Lowest Prices
  • Only the Highest Quality ID badge systems
  • Fast Turn Around Time (We stock most plastic card printers)
  • Complete Training and Support from our skilled technicians

Plastic Card ID offers a full line of ID card design software, including the Nfive Cardfive software. We also offer certain plastic card printer ribbons or blank plastic cards, through our Online Store. If you need ID badge system supplies that are not offered through our store, go to our Card Printer Quote Form, and fill out the “please tell us any additional information” field.

Plastic Card ID will help you build your ID badge system, save you money on your plastic card printer, and offer professional support to the beginner or the most experienced customer. We’ll have you printing your own ID cards and SAVING MONEY soon!

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Customer Support

If you have any questions, please contact:

Plastic Card ID
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